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Guest facilities

Guest facilities

We at AyurMana have made every attempt to create a homely feel to your stay at Dharmagiri. The informal, relaxed mood of the retreat is intentional and essential to our concept of healing.


Dharma Ayurveda Center for Advanced healing boasts a full fledged treatment block - AYURMANA, with facilities to offer every authentic Ayurvedic treatment in practise. Patients can have personalized consultation with doctors and discuss the treatment progress at the Physicians chamber in the Center. The pharmacy in the block serves like a lab where the chosen ayurvedic formulations are prepared and processed for treatment by the therapists.


A little walk to the peak of Dharmagiri leads you to the Sacred grove where you can wander under the gentle shades of trees, or indulge in contemplation or just unwind yourself to the soothing sound of the gentle breeze and panoramic view of the highlands.


Morning and evening walks transform to a meditation at Dharmagiri. The soothing sun, the chirping birds, the gentle breeze and the changing shades of the horizon will all make your walk an activity you look forward to each day.


Our herbal Garden host a variety of herbs, shrubs and trees used for healing in Ayurveda, lovingly grown with an eye for education and awareness dissemination.


Food plays an important role in healing in Ayurveda. Our healers believe, that the food you eat should bring a fresh exuberance to your body. So we make every effort to ensure that the food we serve is as light and tasty as it is healthy and energizing.


Our budhha hall with its mesmeric ambience, the mystical sculpture of Budhha meditating under the bodhi tree performing dharma mudra and the soothing sounds of the water fountains will transport you to realms of peace and harmony.


We strongly believe that your period of stay at Dharmagiri will bear maximum benefits if you minimize stress triggers from professional and social life. But for those who need to connect occasionally to keep in touch with your dear ones back home, we offer free wifi in the property. And for those of you to whom uninterrupted network connectivity is very important, we can assist you to procure a 4G sim with data plan to use on your device. Satellite TV is provided in all category rooms and offer a wide range of national and international channels


We can arrange for you, tours to the city or near by attractions, assist in ticketing and other booking services and obtain any travel related information for you. We also ensure that your airport pick up and drop is organised meticulously.